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About Us

My name is Chuck Walton, and I have been conducting home inspections in the Greater Chicago-land Area for over 25 years. I also hold a degree in Construction Engineering from Indiana State University and I have extensive experience as a project manager with General Motors, Peoples Gas and United Parcel Service.

I participate and provide training to other inspectors as well through the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and in 1996 and 1997 I was voted Home Inspector of the Year.

My background is further enhanced by over 30 years experience as a General Contractor. All of this makes me one of the most qualified home inspectors in the entire State, so contact us today for YOUR thorough home inspection!

Why Choose Us


We have over 30 years of contracting experience and over 25 years of home inspection experience.



I hold both a diploma in Architecture as well as a degree in Construction Engineering


I am an instructor and full member in good standing of The American Society of Home Inspectors


I am not only certified and experienced, but also fully licensed with the State of Illinois. 

Inspections of Any Kind

Certified as a Moisture Analyst, to inspect Exterior Insulated Finishing Systems (EIFS) Dryvit, Stucco, by the Exterior Design Institute. Whether you are buying, selling, or just want to maintain our home, we are your best choice for any inspection.

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Client Satisfaction

Call up and ask about their credentials and experience. If for some reason you don’t feel comfortable asking this of the inspector when speaking with them on the phone then how will you feel asking questions at the inspection. You must feel that the inspector is qualified, experienced and attentive of your needs.

When choosing a home inspector, begin with a list of association members in your area. Then check to see who among these is the most experienced and has the most outstanding reputation for thoroughness as an inspector. And be sure to attend your inspection. That way, you’ll learn as much as possible from your member inspector. Some have college degrees in fields related to construction such as engineering and architecture. A few have passed the same code certification examinations that the building code officials are required to pass.

A thorough Inspection covers everything from roof to the foundation.

Most Inspections take about three to four hours. These times may vary depending on the size, age & condition of the home.

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